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Partner Fund

Your support of Appleton Medical Center ensures that our Hospital continues to advance and transition to meet the community’s constantly-evolving needs for health care. Your gift will help implement the latest tools and technologies in our Hospital of the Future model, taking patient-centered care to an entirely new level, and supplying our medical staff with the very best resources. Contributions will also fund the many nationally-renown programs – including cancer and cardiac care – that Appleton Medical Center provides to our community.

Your gift makes a difference

Please consider becoming a supporting partner of Appleton Medical Center. With your contribution you give the gift of health, well-being and comfort to our community, for today and for the future.

If a particular project or program has special meaning for you, you may designate your gift specifically for that purpose. Because Appleton Medical Center is a not-for-profit organization and all gifts are deductible from income taxes as provided by law.

By agreeing to be an annual partner you will be assisting our great Foundation. We value your friendship, and during these busy times, we will bill you on an annual basis at the level you choose.

Future Care in Focus Giving Levels


Visionary Partners: $1,000 gift each year


Innovator Partners: $500 gift each year


Mentor Partners: $100 gift each year


"I’ve witnessed some incredible changes take shape at Appleton Medical Center, and it’s because of community-minded donors like you. Whether they’ve gone toward expanding the Hospital’s state-of-the-art bed tower and ER unit or for enhancing our cardiac program to offer one of the nation’s fastest door-to-balloon time, every dollar you’ve given has been put toward bettering the Hospital for our patients. Please pledge your support to keep this trend going and ensure that Appleton Medical Center remains the first-rate, innovative hospital it has worked so hard to become."
- Dr. Cyril Walsh
Medical Director of the Emergency Department

Family has always been number one to me.

Appleton Medical Center embodies family. It represents a special kindness that I haven’t experienced anywhere else and a compassion that welcomes you as family. Thanks to Appleton Medical Center and the Martha Siekman Cancer Center, I have the most world-class care right here at home. By family, I’m not just talking about my husband, kids and others who have always been by my side. It’s also the new faces who have entered my life – the doctors, nurses and dozens of caregivers who put my well-being first.

We are incredibly fortunate to have such advanced technologies and experienced staff available in our community. I can honestly say that I owe my life to Appleton Medical Center and how it has helped me persevere.

This is one of the many reasons I feel so strongly about giving back to the hospital. It touches so many people around us every day – from newborns to victims of car crashes to people like me who are living with a serious illness.

I encourage you to support Appleton Medical Center for the thousands it benefits today and the generations yet to come. Your financial gift will ensure that Appleton Medical Center continues to evolve and offer patients the very best care possible."

- Joyce Bytof
Owner of Coldwell Banker - The Real Estate Group, Inc.