Shawano Medical Center Construction Blog

  • Leadership Shawano County Steps into Hospital

    Four hundred and fifty three.  If you need to get a copy of your medical record from Shawano Medical Center, you’ll need to take 453 steps from the Main Entrance to the door of our medical records (Health Information Management) department. If you are participating in a wellness challenge and want to increase your steps per day – that’s great! If you have to use a walker, you probably won’t be saying “great” at the end of your trip.


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  • Primary Care Doctors Who Deliver Precious Newborns Vital at Shawano

    Delivering babies at hospitals is no tiny business. Just two generations ago, our grandmothers were laboring and delivering at home, attended by other women and a doctor who made house calls—if he could get there. Today, women have many choices about health care during their pregnancies and deliveries. In the midst of their many options, one choice has been quietly disappearing:  the primary care doctor who is certified and experienced in delivering babies.


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  • Why Do We Need a New, Integrated Care Campus?

    When patients come in to ThedaCare Physicians-Shawano, they can’t help but see the large steel framework of the new ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano. And often, their first question to our staff is “Why are you building this big new building?”


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  • Going Through a Phase

    “Just going through a phase.” It’s an expression we usually use with a toddler who wears shoes without socks or a teenager whose diet suddenly consists strictly of raw, hand-harvested Central American nutmeats from an unglazed clay bowl.  It means things are disrupted, for a while, but you don’t expect it to last. And at the end of the phase, everyone is ready for something new


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  • Contruction Update: Friday, March 7

    Despite this winter’s prolonged below normal temperatures, construction of the new ThedaCare Medical Center- Shawano continues to progress. That progress can be seen in two different areas.


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  • Not My First Rodeo

    Anytime you’re told you need a medical procedure, you instinctively seek out a physician who has experience in performing the technique, mastering the necessary devices, and working efficiently with members of his or her team. Said another way, “It’s not his (or her) first rodeo.”


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  • Shawano's First Hospital

    Unlike Shawano’s original hospital, the new ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano will not need municipal bonds and will not receive tax money for its construction.  But it still depends on local support! Read more...

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  • Living Well Together

    If you’ve seen plans or drawings of the new ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano, you may have seen the quilt-style symbol shown here. It’s not the logo for the new medical center, but a symbol for the journey that will take us there.


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  • Working in Cold Weather

    Progress continues on ThedaCare Medical Center- Shawano.  In January, the concrete footing and foundation work was completed and steel erection for the main addition began.  Steel erection will continue through February and is projected to be completed by the end of March. Read more...

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  • Welcome to the Shawano Medical Center Construction Blog

    At Shawano Medical Center, we are starting the new year with a new way to keep in touch. We’ll be writing weekly blog posts that will be published by the Shawano Leader so our friends and neighbors can track the progress of the construction of our community’s new ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano. Read more...

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