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  • Interior Build Out Begins on Shawano Hospital

    Construction on the new ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano is entering a new phase. With the second floor concrete pours complete, work has begun on the interior build-out, which includes everything from spray fireproofing the structural steel to applying the final coat of paint prior to owner occupancy.


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  • Ladies Golf Outing Invaded by the Guys at Hole #8

    When they get to Hole #8, golf teams in the annual Friends of Hospice Ladies Golf Outing can expect to be surprised. For starters, they won’t be greeted by ladies. This tee is the domain of the Guys.


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  • Lab Studies Processes to Improve Care for Patients

    We’re not just moving in 2015 – we are rebuilding from the ground up. What works well, and what needs changing? Every department is looking closely at how patients and families feel when they walk in as well as how they feel they have been treated.


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  • New Hospital Site Abuzz in Activity

    The job site at the new ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano has become more active over the past month. Additional crews are now on site as construction progresses into a new phase. Concrete pours for second floor have been ongoing and should be complete by the end of the month.


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  • Help Us Build a Great Hospital

    Want to help build a great hospital?  Not literally, of course. Boldt Builders, the general contractor in charge of building ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano, is handling that role nicely.  But building a great hospital – that is something we all can help do.


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  • Dr. Kathleen Qualheim Embodies All That is Good and Talented and Homegrown About our Local Hospital

    When Kathleen Qualheim arrives at the True Value hardware store in Shawano at the same time that a truckload of new stock pulls up, she’s willing to pitch in and help unload. Some things haven’t changed in the nearly five decades since her family moved to Shawano and the young Qualheim family—that would eventually number eight kids—was put to work at the family business.


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  • 'Ripple-out' Economics Impacts Shawano with New Hospital Construction

    You may have heard of “trickle-down economics.” But have you ever heard of ripple-out economics? That is the economic impact a project like ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano brings to a community. The project touches other local businesses and individuals in ways you might not expect. Read more...

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  • Construction Update: May 23, 2014

    Building enclosure continues to be the main work focus for the new ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano. With the exterior wall framing nearing completion, installation of the roofing system can begin. The roofing crew will begin work onsite after Memorial Day.


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  • Collaboration Over Competition

    I have long believed in the value of collaboration over competition. Shawano Medical Center and the forthcoming ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano welcomes qualified practitioners from many area clinics to admit and care for patients. When it comes to health care in a single-hospital community like Shawano, it makes sense to welcome different talents and perspectives. Read more...

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  • Time Lapse Camera to Record Progress of New Hospital

    The builders at ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano have taken the whole knothole concept to (literally!)  new heights. A camera has been placed high on the north side of the building site on County Road B in Shawano. The camera faces what will become the main entrance to the building and will take a photo ever 30 minutes.


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