Shawano Medical Center Construction Blog

  • Colder Weather Sets In

    As colder weather starts to set in, there is an increased focus on completing the building enclosure before winter arrives. Over the next couple of weeks there will be a concentrated effort to expedite the remaining exterior work activities. These activities include completing the remaining brick veneer, and installation of the windows and glass curtain walls.  


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  • Months of Sorting, Planning, and Packing Lie Ahead

    Americans move, on average, once every five years. This is prompted most often by a change in job or the size of the family. Whatever the reason, the decision usually means months of sorting, packing, unpacking and making new plans. Unlike families, hospitals rarely move. But next year at this time, the care and services of Shawano Medical Center will move to the new ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano .  There will be months of sorting, packing, and planning.


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  • NWTC Partnership a Gift to Community

    When a community undertakes the challenges and expense of building a new hospital, there’s a lot of talk about large gifts, usually of a financial nature. Already, the new ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano has been on the receiving end of truly generous gifts and pledges that will help us build and shape the future of health care in the Shawano area.


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  • Brick By Little Brick

    Someday, an archeologist of the future will stumble upon a buried layer of stuff that will represent our civilization. Just as we can date previous cultures by their pots and knives, this future Indiana Jones will date his find by the traces of our lives preserved in rock and time: aluminum cans, single flip-flops, and LEGO bricks. Millions and millions of 2-inch bricks.


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  • Topping Off Around the Corner

    As is customary with steel frame buildings, there will be a steel topping-off ceremony scheduled once the final steel is set in place. Topping off ceremonies are a way of celebrating the milestone of completing steel erection on the project. Read more...

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  • Foundation Matches Donations Through Living Well Together Campaign

    The Shawano Medical Center Foundation is using a quieter approach to raise money. Slowly, respectfully, and thoughtfully, the Foundation has been raising money and matching it dollar for dollar through the Living Well Together capital campaign for ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano. The $1.5 million goal includes a pledge that the Foundation will match community contributions up to $500,000.


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  • Just What the Doctor Ordered: A Pharmacy Onsite

    Here in Shawano, we are the only ThedaCare Physicians clinic with its own on-site retail pharmacy, complete with a very popular drive-up window. Our ThedaCare providers can prescribe for their patients during an appointment, and these patients can get their meds filled before they even leave the clinic.


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  • Nurses Helped Select Beds for New Hospital

    Patients who stay overnight at the new ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano will spend their nights and much of their days in new hospital beds. These beds have a mattress and sheets, but that is about the only thing they have in common with the bed you’ll see at home.


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  • Interior Build-Out Efforts Ramped Up on Shawano Hospital

    Steady progress continues to be made on the new ThedaCare Medical Center- Shawano. While masonry work continues on the exterior of the building, the majority of the workforce is now on the inside of the building putting their efforts towards the interior build outs. 


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  • Auxiliary Members Make a Difference for Our Patients, Community

    Although the Shawano Medical Center Auxiliary has been in existence for 65 years, the original mission of the Auxiliary has remained constant -- to help the hospital provide valuable services to the community and serve as a "bridge" between the community and the hospital.


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