Primary Care Physicians

Whether you have the sniffles or more serious symptoms, your primary care physician is your entry point for all of your healthcare options. Together you’ll build a relationship based on your complete health history and needs.

Appointments When You Need Them

Even if you need a same-day appointment, we want you to be able to see the provider you know. But if your doctor isn’t available, our extended hours and flexibility usually make it possible for you to go to your own clinic.

What to Expect on Your Visit

Your time is precious, so we work to make your visit as efficient as possible, from reduced waiting time to fast lab results. And your doctor will make sure you leave each visit with a clear understanding of your care plan, and what next steps you need to take to get well.

Your primary care doctor can treat a wide range of illnesses, conditions, and injuries, often resolving issues at your regular clinic. However, if you need more specialized care, your doctor can explain your options, provide educational material, and make referrals to other providers.

Family Practitioners, Pediatricians, and Internists

Primary care providers are usually family practitioners, pediatricians, or internists. These doctors can treat a wide range of conditions and injuries, and patients choose them based on their personal needs:

  • Family practitioners see patients of any age, including children, which means they can treat all members of your family.
  • Most pediatricians see young patients up to age 18, and some continue to care for young adults.
  • Internists, or internal medicine doctors, often treat patients with more complex care needs, such as chronic diseases. Older patients often choose an internist as their primary care physician.

You should be comfortable asking your doctor questions and making sure you have the right provider for you.