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Hello Houston, We're Working on the Problem

Do you remember the scene in Apollo 13 where Mission Control is in bedlam over the rising carbon monoxide levels in the space capsule? The lead flight director shouts for quiet and says, “We have a problem. Let’s work the problem.”
About seven years ago, we said the same thing at ThedaCare. Read more

Bellin-ThedaCare Health Partners are #1 in Improving Quality of Care and Reducing Costs of Care in CMS Pilot Program

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) today issued quality and financial performance results for its two Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) programs, showing the ACOs have successfully improved the quality of care for Medicare beneficiaries by fostering greater collaboration between doctors, hospitals, and health care providers and keeping patients healthy rather than treating them only when they were sick. Bellin-ThedaCare HealthCare Partners ranked tops in quality in the Pioneer ACO Model program, while reducing healthcare costs. Read more

ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano Invites Public to Partake in 'Topping Off' Milestone

The staff at Shawano Medical Center and ThedaCare Physicians-Shawano and the general public are invited this week to sign one of the uppermost steel beams of the new ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano before they are hoisted into place later this month. This topping off ceremony is traced back to ancient Scandinavians who placed a tree atop a new building to appease tree-dwelling spirits displaced in its construction. Although the new hospital is constructed with steel beams, the modern custom marks a milestone for major construction projects. Read more

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