Safe Sitter Babysitting Course

Teenagers ready to earn some pocket change through babysitting can get the skills they need to be successful at the next ThedaCare Safe Sitter class.

“Babysitting is a business and teens need to be ready for the job and give parents a peace of mind when they leave,” said Cynthia Arnoldussen, RN and clinical educator for the Health and Wellness Department at Riverside Medical Center (RMC) in Waupaca.

Safe Sitters, a class co-sponsored by Riverside Medical Center's Auxiliary, is for boys and girls, ages 11-13. There are no exceptions to the age. Students learn injury prevention and treatment, key elements of basic CPR, choking rescue, staying safe, the business of babysitting and being a “body guard” for the child.

Babysitting is more than just feeding, diapering, holding and playing with a child, said Arnoldussen. “While those are important, a good babysitter has to be able to handle any issues that arise,” she said.

The class will meet from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sat., March 15, and Sat., March 22, in the Maasch Education Center located in RMC’s 902 Building. Pre-registration is required. The fee is $25. Teens will be required to attend all classes to receive certification. For information, call (715) 258-1119 or register on-line at

If teens are unable to sign up for the spring class, another will be offered in the summer.