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Let's Reduce Our Trauma Injuries: Don't Drink and Drive

Our mission is to not only to repair injuries and save lives but to improve our community by working to change the tacit acceptance of alcohol-related trauma. Alcohol is shown to be a contributing factor in nearly 47% of the motor vehicle crashes of patient we treated from Jan. 1 to Nov. 10 of this year. Read more

It's Important to Have a Primary Care Provider

Zachary Baeseman, MD, MPH, is a family practice physician at ThedaCare Physicians-Waupaca, and he feels strongly about the benefits of getting to know his patients over the long term. As a primary care provider, or PCP, “I can live your history with you. I get to know about your family and your situation at home, even the typical triggers that can cause a serious illness for you or land you in the hospital.” Read more

Prevent TV Tip-Overs and Furniture Falls

Tip-overs and furniture falls happen when children pull furniture onto themselves climb on furniture causing it to fall, or push it over onto another child. Young children are not strong enough to lift the furniture off of themselves if they are trapped. Injuries include serious bruising, internal organ injuries and fractures Read more

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