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Getting Enough Sleep Key to Good Health

I’m guessing there’s a good chance you’ve felt tired today and if not today, then probably yesterday. Most people, it seems, are tired. And the reason for that is simple: we’re not getting enough sleep. Read more

Right Food Key

Just like your car needs fuel for a long trip, the same goes for your body. Getting proper nutrition and plenty of fluids need to be an integral part of your pre-race preparation whether you’re going 13 or 26 miles. While most people know this, many aren’t exactly too sure of what to eat and drink so here’s a little guidance. Read more

Healthy Breakfast Key to Successful School Day

Back to school is right around the corner and for many kids, getting up and eating a healthy breakfast isn’t easy. But as the saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it’s important your child is properly fueled for her school day. Multiple studies show that proper nutrition gives your child the energy she needs to focus and ready to learn. Hungry kids aren’t focused on the teacher; they’re focused on their growling tummies. Read more

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