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Walk Like a Penguin

At ThedaCare, we take winter safety seriously. We would love to see fewer broken wrists, broken hips and back injuries in our emergency rooms and doctors’ offices. When we see a patient who’s slipped on the ice, we see your employee – out of work, unable to care for children or elderly parents who rely on them, in pain and unproductive. That’s “ouch” all the way around. Read more

The Importance of Avoiding Slips and Falls

Young people are masters at slipping, falling, and practically bouncing back to their feet with nothing more than an embarrassed laugh. However, as people age, reaction time, strength, flexibility and range of motion may decrease, and slips or falls become much more than a comical mishap—they can cause serious injury or death. Read more

How Healthy Are We?

Health is a term often used when we refer to our state of well being or lack of disease. Individual health is something that can be assessed and addressed with a personal health care provider. But what about assessing the health of a community? Read more

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