Onsite Clinic

Onsite Clinic

Whether it’s a sore throat or a sore back, it’s easy and cost-effective for your employees to visit a healthcare provider whose office is only a few floors or a few feet away. By reducing absences and interruptions to the workflow, this convenient care option saves both you and your employees’ time and money.

TC at Work Onsite Clinic

Our onsite professional care provides your worksite with a range of services that can include:

  • Primary care and urgent care treatments
  • Medication prescribing
  • Triage for acute conditions
  • Ordering tests and follow-up therapy

By sharing ThedaCare’s electronic medical records (EMR) system, onsite providers have protected access to your employees’ medical status and history so that appropriate care and guidance can be given. On the flip side, onsite provider notes and care plans are also on the records so that the employees’ primary care doctors and specialists are aware of follow-up care and needs.

Feeling Better and Back to Work

For large companies, onsite clinic is a great way to help keep employees healthy. Convenient care means less time missed at work. Onsite clinic providers can treat day-to-day health needs, as well as identify and prevent more serious health issues.