Helping your employees improve their health can help you reduce your healthcare expenses. We work with you to develop a wellness program that meets your needs and respects your resources. With disease prevention and wellness efforts, you can change your company’s health culture.


We begin by obtaining a comprehensive picture of your company’s overall health. Our personal health assessment highlights how lifestyle choices directly impact health. Using your company's unique PHA results, we help you identify and prioritize your opportunities for improvement. 

Personal Health Assessments (PHAs) for Employees

Our confidential health assessment helps each of your employees understand their unique health profile. The assessment looks at their lab results, vital health information and lifestyle behaviors to determine health risks and provide tips and ideas to help them improve their health.

All information is confidential and designed to help employees know what they need to get or stay healthy.

Putting Your Program in Place

The results of the employee PHAs are combined to provide an overall picture of your company’s health, including details such as nutrition and exercise habits. Your aggregate report identifies risk factors amongst employees.

Next, we identify which of our programs will best address your company’s health and wellness needs. We’ll work with you to select and create the plan that’s right for you. You’ll have a plan to help improve employee health and reduce your healthcare expenses.

We offer different Wellness options to meet your needs:

  • Solution 1: The Personal Health Program includes
    • Development of an operating plan to meet your unique needs
    • Ongoing health coaching
    • Assistance in creating a healthy workplace environment
    • Outcomes reporting
  • Solution 2: The Choices plan includes:
    • Recommendations on wellness programs
    • Educational presentations
    • Health screenings