Student Clinicals

The Student Clinical Experience

ThedaCare provides more than 1000 student experiences each year for students enrolled in our affiliated academic institutions. These experiences include, but are not limited to the following areas: registered nurse (ADN and BSN), physician assistant, nurse practitioner, physical therapy, occupational therapy, occupational therapy assistants, ultrasound, counseling, medical students, business students, biology students, nurse educators, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, surgical technicians, respiratory therapist, health information, licensed practical nursing, MRI, speech therapy, and medical technology. We value our relationships with academic institutions to help create the next generation of healthcare workers.

Important Documents

There are two sets of mandatory materials that you must complete prior to starting at ThedaCare. You’ll find the first set, along with instructions, on the Fox Valley Health Care Alliance web site. The second set of documents is listed below. 

Safety and Emergency Alerts

After arriving at our facility, please view the Safety and Emergency Alerts  website on a ThedaCare computer and complete the departmental safety walk (see Mandatory Materials tab below). Once completed, please sign the Organizational Specific Orientation form (see Mandatory Materials tab below) and return to your school coordinator.

NP, PA and Med Students 

The policies under the NP, PA and Medical Students tab below must be signed by NP, PA or Medical Students and their preceptors. If in a clinic please complete the Physician Services Policy and in the hospital please complete the Medical Staff Policy. If you will be in a clinic and also the hospital please complete and submit both policies to the Education department or