Level 2 Trauma Center

The Best Care for the Worst Situations

Our staff and facility is equipped and ready for the most serious trauma situations.

Level 2 Trauma Center

The Trauma Center at ThedaCare Medical Center-Neenah is the longest continuously verified Level II trauma center in Northeast Wisconsin. We’ve earned this verification because our Trauma Center provides:

  • 24-hour coverage by board-certified emergency medical physicians and specialists in trauma surgery, anesthesiology, radiology/interventional radiology, neurosurgery, neurology, orthopedic surgery, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, hand and upper extremity specialists with replantation, critical care medicine,  plastic surgery, and ophthalmic surgery
  • A partnership with Children’s Hospital of WI-Fox Valley to provide Pediatric Hospitalists
  • Continuing education to EMS and referring hospital team members and a commitment to trauma prevention
  • Commitment to Injury prevention, through community education and awareness as well as legislative efforts
  • A dedication to advancing trauma care through a comprehensive quality improvement program

Effective Trauma Care

No matter what the situation, our staff provides the most concentrated and sophisticated level of care. We approach multiple-injury trauma by calling a Trauma Blue, which alerts and gathers our extensive trauma team. Working together as one unit, the team of about 14 people comes together to provide the needed skills and assessments to stabilize patients and give them the best outcome possible.

Find out what kind of trauma situations are considered Trauma Blue:

Trauma Blue Guidelines (PDF)

The Trauma Center is specially equipped with trauma treatment rooms, on-site diagnostic tools such as CT and MRI technology, operating suites, an intensive care unit, and a dedicated neurological unit.

A Reputation for Success

National benchmarking confirms that the Trauma Center at ThedaCare Medical Center-Neenah treats patients with severe injuries and yet demonstrates lower than expected mortality and complication rates. We achieve these results as a result of the dedicated interdisciplinary team members who provide high quality care for injured patients.