Improving Community Health

Community Involvement 

Looking Beyond the Doctor’s Office

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t start or stop at the doors of your doctor’s office. It begins in the community where you live, learn, work, and play.

That’s why ThedaCare is so involved in the community we serve. We know we can build a truly healthy community by gathering community members to study problems and find solutions together.

Community Health Action Team 
Read how our community’s leaders are working together to explore local and regional health issues.

Community Plunges
Learn about community "plunges," day-long studies that offer a firsthand look at the needs of community members.

CHAT Projects 
Learn about the projects and programs Community Health Action Team (CHAT) has helped to create in our community.

Community Benefit Report
This report highlights our donations to the community, including charity care, health education, medical training, research, and more.

Contributions & Sponsorships 
Find out how you can request a small financial donation to support a health-related program or project within our community.