Community Benefit Report

In 2018, ThedaCare provided $32,678,005 in unreimbursement services to our communities.

pie chart showing community benefit spending categories

The 2018 community benefit value provided by all seven ThedaCare hospitals, plus financial assistance and Medicaid losses for non-hospital ThedaCare-owned entities, totals $60,323,704. 

Making a Difference in the Community

Each year, ThedaCare publishes a Community Benefit Report, which highlights our contributions to the community, including charity care, health education, medical training, research, and more, which all impact community health. ThedaCare is not reimbursed for any of these donations. In a 2018, ThedaCare spent $32,678,005 in unreimbursed services for the communities we serve.

Here are a few examples of how we’re making care better for patients like you:

  • Increased availability of behavioral health services—for both adults and children—which are often underfunded and undervalued in many healthcare systems
  • Funding for the Community Health Action Team (CHAT), which studies health issues, such as poverty and senior health, in the community and develops community-based solutions for change
  • On-the-job training for upcoming doctors and nurses