Community Plunge

ThedaCare Community Involvement Past Plunge

Community "plunges" result in innovative, collaborative projects that lead to change.

Understanding Through Action

Most communities learn about local health issues from the boardroom. ThedaCare's six Community Health Action Teams (CHAT) believe that nothing creates greater understanding and motivation for action than hearing directly from community members in need. That’s why we organize "plunges," which take us into the heart of a community to learn about issues right where people live, learn, work, and play.

Since 2001, CHAT Teams have done plunges on a variety of issues that impact community health, including affordable housing, early childhood, understanding our LGBTQ population, alcohol, childhood obesity, diversity, mental health, poverty, rural health, seniors, understanding our Mexican population, and smoking.

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What Are Plunges Like?

Plunges are day-long events. Community leaders will meet with people in the community connected to the issue we’re exploring. This may involve visiting a church, school, homeless shelter, or other locations. For instance, if we’re studying poverty, that may involve a trip to the local food pantry to observe and talk with the people who rely on its services.

What Happens After a Plunge?

At the end of the plunge day, the group debriefs and starts talking about solutions. In the months that follow, we reconvene to talk about solutions and ideas in more depth. Most plunges result in the community selecting one or more collaborative, community-owned projects. What begins as an education turns into a tangible effort at building a healthier, stronger community.