Back & Neck Pain

Tired of Living With Pain?

We understand that back and neck pain can sometimes make everyday life downright miserable. If you’re living in pain, the spine specialists at Neuroscience Group, NeuroSpine Center of Wisconsin and ThedaCare can help.

Back and Neck Pain

When pain starts interfering with your daily activities or just makes you feel uncomfortable, it’s time to stop "living with it" and seek help. With the largest and top consumer-rated spine program in northeastern Wisconsin, Neuroscience Group and NeuroSpine Center of Wisconsin, along with ThedaCare, have the experience and expertise to get you well.

Understanding Back & Neck Pain

Back and neck pain comes in many different forms and levels of severity. Learn about the common causes and identify the symptoms of your spine pain

ThedaCare Services

We welcome you with a multi-disciplinary team approach. Find out what it’s like to receive care from our spine specialists, and learn how we work with you to identify the source of your pain and tailor treatment to your needs.

Taking Charge of Your Health

You play a big role in your wellness. Get tips for keeping spine pain under control, and learn about the resources available to help you recover from surgery.