Behavioral Health

Find Your Path to Wellness

Being healthy doesn’t just mean your physical health. ThedaCare is committed to providing complete care for both your mind and body.

ThedaCare Behavioral Health

ThedaCare Behavioral Health

ThedaCare Behavioral Health will help you understand health problems and get through whatever challenges you’re facing. Our skilled staff and comprehensive treatment services provide you with the care you need, on your terms.

Understanding Behavioral Health

Mental health problems come in many forms. Learn about some common conditions, and what symptoms to look for if you or someone you love may be struggling.

ThedaCare Services

Every person’s treatment needs are different. Our services include one-on-one counseling, group therapy, outpatient day programs, inpatient care, and medication management, and non-medication treatment provided by experienced specialists focused on delivering what works best for you.

Taking Charge of Your Health

Learn about group therapy, events, and important insurance information to help you take control and get back on the path to wellness.