Care Team & Facilities

Care Team & Facilities

ThedaCare understands that mental health is just as important as physical health. No matter what you’re struggling with, our care team will help you create a care plan tailored to your wellness needs.

Your care team may consist of one or two people, or more, depending on the treatment you’re receiving. Here are some of the people who can help you:        

         Primary Care Doctor

Your care begins with your primary care doctor. This is the person you see for annual check-ups and any health issues you have concerns about. When you meet with your doctor, talk about how you’ve been feeling. Have you been sad and tired for months? Feeling extremely worried or anxious for no real reason? Experiencing any physical aches or pains?

Your doctor will want to know about any of these concerns, and will also ask you questions, too. Then, he or she will help you set up a care plan. It may include a prescription for medication, or your doctor might recommend that you see a behavioral health specialist.

Your doctor’s office may schedule that appointment for you, or they will give you a phone number and you’ll be able to schedule it yourself. Be sure to ask questions if you’re unclear about what your next steps are.

Behavioral Health Specialists

In most instances, you’ll need a referral to see a behavioral health specialist, so it’s important that you start your care path with your primary care doctor. There are different types of specialists that you can see, but here are some of the people you may meet with:

    • Psychiatrists and advanced-practice nurse prescribers specialize in diagnosing conditions and help provide medical treatment. They can also provide limited therapy.
    • Psychologists specialize in using assessment tools to help diagnose psychological disorders. They might occasionally provide therapy.
    • Neuropsychologists have advanced training that helps them understand the effects of brain-based conditions, like concussions or brain injuries, on behavior.
    • Mental health therapists focus on counseling and therapy for patients.
    • AODA therapists are trained to work with people who have substance abuse or addiction problems.        

When you meet with a behavioral health specialist, you’ll have a chance to describe your symptoms, as well as your personal health history. In addition to this conversation, you may have to fill out some assessment forms or provide other information. You’ll then work together to determine the next steps in your care plan and begin treatment.  

Your care team will help you throughout the entire process, until you get to where you want to be in your wellness journey.


Our behavioral health clinics have a similar environment to what you experience when you visit your primary care doctor. However, instead of the typical exam room equipment that you might see, behavioral health clinic offices are a bit more relaxed, with just a few couches and chairs.

Some of our clinics are stand-alone facilities, while others are a part of our ThedaCare Physicians locations. In fact, you might receive behavioral health services at the same clinic where you visit your primary care doctor.

Even if there’s not a behavioral health facility in your area, many behavioral health specialists travel to multiple locations within the ThedaCare system, so there’s a good chance you’ll still be able to receive care close to home.

See a list of ThedaCare’s behavioral health locations