AODA Services

Get the Help You Need to Beat Your Substance Addiction

When drug and alcohol use negatively affects a person’s relationships and physical and mental health, there may be a serious problem that needs treatment. Whether drug and alcohol use is intermittent, chronic, or a relapse, you or your loved one can get help. ThedaCare’s Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) recovery services can help you understand your condition, and give you the tools to start to turn your life around for the better.

Counseling and Support to Make a Change

Overcoming an addiction means understanding how an addiction works, and the underlying emotions and behaviors. In our AODA treatment programs, you’ll learn about the triggers and challenges of addiction in an open, supportive, relaxed setting that includes both group therapy and one-on-one counseling. Through education and the social support of your peers and counselors, you’ll learn how to change your thinking and behaviors. Treatment typically includes daily therapy sessions, and the entire treatment period can last from 13 to 16 weeks.

We provide a full range of outpatient treatment services for adults:

  • Early Intervention—For those with low levels or the beginning signs of addiction, this treatment program includes 20 hours of group therapy and two hours of one-on-one counseling. 
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)—For more serious levels of addiction, this program includes 36 hours of group therapy and three hours of one-on-one counseling.
  • Adult Day Treatment—This intensive program is for those using daily, or those who are highly prone to relapse. The treatment includes 60 hours of group therapy and five hours of one-on-one counseling.
  • Continuing Care—This is a transition program from IOP or adult day treatment. It involves a combination of group therapy and one-on-one counseling, depending on your individual needs.
  • Relapse Prevention—Focused on addressing or preventing a relapse, this program is open to anyone previously treated for an addiction. It’s a 16-week program that is often accompanied by a separate external support program, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or a church-based support group. 

Our programs treat all levels of addiction, so there’s help for you or your loved one to start living a healthier, happier life.

A Team Approach to Your Care

Our counselors work together to make sure all our patients benefit from their combined skills and areas of knowledge. You’ll primarily work with one of our counselors, and other counselors may teach a group therapy session on special topics. Each of our counselors is certified in drug and alcohol treatment. We also have a staff psychiatrist who can help with additional treatment needs. Our staff can help you no matter what your needs may be. 

Help for Family Members and Friends

Having a loved one with an addiction often means your life has been dramatically affected by their drug and alcohol use. ThedaCare offers a family program that provides education to help you understand the addiction, and how you can best help your loved one—while reclaiming your own quality of life, too.

The AODA Affected Family Education Program is free and offered to anyone in our community. It’s a four-week program that meets Tuesdays, 5:30-7 p.m., at ThedaCare Behavioral Health in Menasha.To register, please call 920-720-2300.

Start Getting Help Today

If you think you or a loved one needs help, please call us and we can help determine which treatment might be most effective. Some programs require screening by a counselor, which we can help arrange. Whether you’re seeking help voluntarily or have legal requirements for treatment, we have a broad understanding of the required processes, qualifications, and resources, both in our community and adjoining communities.

You can also call us for help with insurance questions, and we can even set up payment plans, if needed.

Call us today at 920-720-2300 and start getting help.