Causes & Symptoms

When Pain Becomes a Problem
Whether your pain is mild or severe, sudden or long-lasting, identifying the problem and getting the right treatment can help you enjoy a more comfortable, active lifestyle.

Causes of Bone, Muscle, and Joint Pain
Bone, muscle, and joint pain is caused by a variety of different factors. It can be the result of an accident or sports injury, or can simply occur through repeated use over time. Some common causes include:

  • Injuries, like sprains, strains, muscle tears, and fractures
  • Wear-and-tear, as a result of aging or physical activity
  • Strenuous labor or repetitive motions, which are often job-related
  • Conditions that cause degeneration (wearing away) of the joints, such as arthritis

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Symptoms of Bone, Muscle, and Joint Pain
While no two people are the same, there are some general symptoms that may indicate you should seek treatment. These are the most common problem areas and symptoms that bring people in for medical help:

  • Foot, ankle, knee or hip pain, especially while walking
  • Hand, wrist, or elbow pain that makes it impossible to carry objects
  • Shoulder pain that limits the mobility of your arm or causes swelling or bruising

Bone, muscle, and joint pain can occur in nearly every area of the body. View more specific symptoms based on where you’re experiencing pain.

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