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Orthopedic specialist Dr. David Jones and his team have seen it all. He was first in the state of Wisconsin to offer both computer-assisted knee and anterior hip replacements, and after decades of delivering expert care in Berlin he has treated thousands of patients from across the state. The entire team thinks ahead to what’s best for getting you back on your feet faster. They anticipate each other through every treatment. And together they surround you with a level of care that only an experienced, collaborative team can provide.

Greater precision for quicker recovery with OMNIbotics Total Knee Replacement™.
Dr. Jones has been performing computer-assisted knee replacements for 20 years and OMNIbotics Total Knee Replacements for five years with his orthopedic team. Combining his expertise with OMNIbotics’ dynamic virtual planning and robotic positioning, Dr. Jones and the orthopedic team in Berlin get you back on your feet faster and with less pain. OMNIbotics Total Knee Replacements offer:

  • More natural, comfortable knee movement
  • Shorter recovery time post-surgery and improved long-term results with an aligned and balanced knee
  • Custom procedure for your knee’s unique contours
  • Real-time dynamic virtual planning during the procedure
  • Precise robotic positioning within a fraction of a millimeter and half a degree

To learn more about OMNIbotics Total Knee Replacement technology, click here.

Be up and moving in as little as two to three hours with Anterior Hip Replacement.
With 15 years of experience performing anterior hip replacements, Dr. Jones and his team help to improve your stability and range of motion. The Anterior Hip Replacements procedure provides:

  • Zero post-surgical activity restrictions
  • Faster recovery with preserved muscle and tendon structures
  • Increased functionality, stability and range of motion
  • Less pain with a 60% smaller incision

To learn more about Anterior Hip Replacement technology, click here.

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