A Different Model of Care

Complete Care From Start to Finish

Regardless of the type of care you receive, you’ll be supported by a team of doctors and specialists, from your initial evaluation through treatment and recovery. Communication is key in the Orthopedic Care model of care—we’re always working together to get you well as quickly as possible.

The Right Care, Right Away

In some care systems, you might get bounced around from one provider to another, or have to wait weeks before you get the care you need. Not here. Whether you’re referred by your primary care doctor or make an appointment with us directly, you’ll be immediately assessed at your first appointment, and you and your doctor will determine the best care path.

You’ll then meet with one of our specialists in non-surgical specialty care, or a surgeon, depending on your recommended treatment path. This second appointment often happens the same day as your initial assessment. Because you won’t waste any time going to the wrong care provider, you’ll be on the road to recovery in no time.

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Your treatment will likely involve working with multiple doctors and specialists—you may see a sports medicine physician, physical therapist, physiatrist, or surgeon, individually or in combination. You may even receive assistance from a behavioral health specialist who can provide emotional support during your care.  No matter how many providers you see, rest assured that each person treating you knows every detail of your treatment plan.

Through access to your secure electronic medical record (EMR), the members of your care team can track your progress and make adjustments, if necessary. And, because all of your care providers are under one roof, on one floor, you can go from an office visit to a therapy appointment in just a few steps, making the best use of your time.

This also means that your care team can gather together at a moment’s notice to discuss your treatment, or answer your questions. It’s common for your physician or surgeon to stop by while you’re receiving therapy, just to check in and make sure you’re on-track to get the best outcome possible.