Take Charge

Helping You Stay Well

Maybe you’ve been "just living with it" long enough. If you’re having bone, muscle, or joint pain, there are things you can do to make life easier and improve your chances of healing.

Many people put off appointments for painful injuries, thinking they’ll simply go away. But continuing to suffer may make the injury worse. The first step is making an appointment with your primary care doctor or a specialist. Same-day appointments mean you’ll get started on a treatment plan right away.

ThedaCare also offers additional resources to help meet your needs:

Prevention & Management

Learn about ways to keep your body healthy and prevent and manage bone, muscle, and joint pain.

Insurance Information

Not all treatment is covered by insurance, and some services or procedures may require pre-authorization. Find out who to contact when you have questions about your insurance coverage.

Emotional Support

Chronic pain often causes emotional distress and depression. While there is a biological source of chronic pain, we understand that chronic pain affects all areas of your life—daily living activities, the ability to work, social relationships, self-image, even creating financial problems.

Our Behavioral Health Specialists understand the far-reaching effects that pain can have. They will work with you to customize a comprehensive pain management approach to reduce the emotional and social pains that accompany chronic pain.