Prevention and Management

Keeping Bone, Muscle, and Joint Pain Under Control
For some people, conditions that cause bone, muscle, and joint pain, like arthritis or muscle disorders, are unavoidable. But there are tips you can follow to help manage or prevent certain types of pain.

Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices
Eating a nutrient-rich diet, maintaining a healthy weight, and avoiding smoking or drinking too much alcohol will help keep your body strong.

Stay Active
It can be hard to fit exercise into your schedule, but even mild to moderate amounts of physical activity can have a big impact on your health. Start making exercise a part of your daily life. Go for walk, garden, take the stairs instead of the elevator—even the smallest changes make a difference.

Stretch Regularly
Stretching is important, especially before physical activity, to keep your joints mobile and flexible and prevent injury. A physical therapist can help you understand which stretches are safest and most helpful.

For more tips on prevention and management, visit the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons website. You should always talk with your doctor before beginning any new exercises or activity. Don’t a have doctor with ThedaCare? Find one now.