Taking Charge of Your Health

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ThedaCare Cancer Care Resources

Whether you’re recovering from cancer treatment or still making your way through, you know that the effects of cancer go beyond the physical. Your mental and emotional health is greatly affected, too. ThedaCare Cancer Care offers resources that can help.

Helping You Stay Well

While your doctors can help with most of the physical effects of treatment, we provide additional services that take care of your mind and body during and after cancer.

Support Groups

Current support groups

Typically run by social workers, there are usually several support groups for cancer patients and survivors, both for people dealing with specific cancers like ovarian or breast, or cancer in general. Ask your doctor or nurse what groups are available, and when they meet. 

Learn more about therapy groups and getting support from ThedaCare’s Behavioral Health Services

One-on-One and Family Counseling

Based in Cancer Center Support Services, our dedicated cancer therapist can provide one-on-one and family counseling services to all types of cancer patients. Our therapist understands cancer care and interacts daily with doctors and nurses.

Cosmetology Services

One of the most difficult challenges cancer patients—particularly women—face is the hair loss that can accompany chemotherapy. Our on-site cosmetologist can help you find and fit a wig, and provide makeup and skin care tips if you’ve experienced skin changes from treatment. She’ll help you look your best and feel at ease throughout the entire process.

Learn more about Cosmetology Services


Good nutrition is important for everyone, especially cancer patients. Eating the right kinds of foods before, during, and after treatment can help you feel better and stay stronger. Our dieticians can provide nutrition guides, recommend meal plans, and give you tips on what foods to eat and avoid.


Located at the Cancer Center Support Services, The Learning Link resource library provides patients, families, caregivers, and anyone in the community with cancer information through printed materials, audio tapes, and CDs. There are also online resources, which can be accessed at the library, or anywhere you have internet access. All materials are reviewed by ThedaCare staff to ensure accuracy and relevance.

Many of our services are located at the same place you receive treatment, so you can get the help you need, without having to go out of your way to get it.

Support for Loved Ones

Cancer can have emotional and physical effects, even on people who aren’t suffering from the disease. Learn about the support resources available for caregivers and families of cancer patients. Get more information about support for caregivers

End-of-Life Decisions

Nobody wants to give up the fight against cancer, but having an end-of-life plan can ensure that your last days, or those of a loved one, are spent peacefully. Learn more about end of life decisions