Cancer Outcomes

Exceeding Expectations

Our model of care makes sure that every doctor, specialist, nurse, technician, and support staff member that treats a patient are always on the same page. The result? Better outcomes and longer lives.

ThedaCare Cancer Care’s Outcomes

It’s our mission to treat the whole patient—physically, mentally, and socially. In addition to providing expert medical care and the latest technology, we look beyond the basic needs of cancer treatment, ensuring that people don’t miss appointments, connecting them to social support services, and providing resources for financial assistance, for example. 

We believe this integrated approach to care gives patients a better chance at success. To measure our patients’ outcomes, we started the ThedaCare Cancer Care Cancer Registry, an extensive, computerized database that collects, maintains, analyzes, and reports on information relating to the diagnosis, treatment, and lifetime follow-up of cancer patients who received care from ThedaCare.

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