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Cancer always touches more than just the patient. That's why our team of oncologists and cancer care experts involve patient families and loved ones from the beginning. We believe when everyone is involved, everyone can heal. It's about respect. And it's about quality care.

A cancer diagnosis can leave you feeling helpless. But at ThedaCare, you have more control than you think. We bring together all the right people: cancer specialists, your primary care doctor, nurses, care navigators and other care professionals. Together, we talk about your desires and goals, and we map out what it takes to get there. Plus, our membership in the Mayo Clinic Care Network brings additional insight into cancer care. When we work as a team, we have the best chance of creating the right plan for you. 

Our cancer care program delivers the ideal combination of personal compassion and medical expertise, and is led by a team of specialists, distinguished in their field, from all over the world. You and your loved ones are at the table with us from the beginning, because we believe that healing the family helps heal the patient. Together we weigh options and choose the course of action that makes sense for you. We recommend and explain treatment options, but ultimately you decide what's best.

Basic Information About Cancer

Each type of cancer is different. Get information about the most common types of cancer, including risks and warning signs and what to expect.

ThedaCare Services

Learn about our cancer care team and facilities, along with information about testing and diagnosis, treatment options, and outcomes.

Taking Charge of Your Health

Here, patients and caregivers can learn about support groups, counseling, and other wellness services for staying healthy and making confident decisions about cancer care.

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