The Highest Level of Cardiovascular Care

Heart and vascular problems can seriously affect your quality of life. ThedaCare Cardiovascular Care has a highly specialized cardiovascular care team dedicated to getting you well.

Heart and Vascular

When something’s wrong with your heart, it’s natural to feel scared and wonder "will I be able to lead a normal life?" ThedaCare’s cardiovascular specialists provide the information, diagnosis, and treatment you need to tackle and overcome the challenges of cardiovascular disease.

Understanding Heart & Vascular Problems

Learn about some common heart and vascular diseases, and know what the risks and warning signs are for cardiovascular disease and heart attack.

ThedaCare Services

Find out what it’s like to receive care from our cardiovascular team, and learn about tests, screenings, treatments, procedures, and heart attack emergency care and heart attack emergency care and outcomes, and cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation.

Taking Charge of Your Health

Cardiovascular disease is often preventable when you make changes to your lifestyle. Get tips for prevention and management, find out what to do when you have insurance questions, view resources for caregivers, and learn about classes and employee wellness programs and screenings.