Taking Charge of Your Health

Take Control of Cardiovascular Disease
Heart and vascular diseases are largely preventable—the majority of cases result from lifestyle choices, not genetics. Learn what you can do to help you and your loved ones lead a healthy life.

Helping You Stay Well
Whether you’re trying to prevent cardiovascular disease, manage its effects, or care for a loved one who’s suffering, ThedaCare can provide the support and resources you need.

          Cardiovascular Disease Prevention & Management 
          Learn about ways to decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease, and what you can do to keep 
          it under control if you already have it.

          Insurance Information
          Not all tests and procedures are covered by insurance, and some may require pre-authorization. 
          Find out who to contact when you have questions about your insurance coverage.

Emotional Support
Changing your lifestyle habits can be overwhelming. Discuss your feelings with someone who’s trained to help.

Caregiver Support
Even if you don’t have cardiovascular disease, it still affects your life when you’re caring for a loved one who does. Get tips on how to cope and maintain your own health.

Education & Programs
Find classes and events to help you stay healthy, and learn about corporate wellness programs and screening services.      

Got a heavy heart? Maybe it’s not emotional — maybe it’s literally those extra pounds you’re carrying around.