ThedaCare Services

A History of Excellence

By bringing the expertise of ThedaCare Cardiovascular Care to the larger Fox Valley region, ThedaCare offers the most advanced, specialized cardiovascular care available.

ThedaCare Services

Cardiovascular disease affects each person differently. Learn about common tests, screenings, procedures, and rehabilitation services, and why ThedaCare is one of the best in the country for heart attack emergency care.

Cardiovascular Care Team 

With cardiologists and cardiovascular specialists focused in the sub-specialties of cardiovascular care, our care team has the expertise to treat your heart or vascular problem.

Diagnostic Tests & Screenings 

Learn about the common tests and screenings used to diagnose heart and vascular issues.

Treatments & Procedures 

Find out about the different types of treatments, procedures, and surgeries used to manage and treat cardiovascular disease conditions.

Emergency Care & Outcomes 

Our Code STEMI program puts us in the top 2% of hospitals nationwide for our heart attack response—and helps you or your loved one walk away with a better outcome.

Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Rehabilitation

If you've had cardiac surgery, or a cardiac event, the next step in your recovery is often cardiovascular rehabilitation.  Learn why its important, what the benefits are, and what to expect.