A Program That Changes Lives

Managing diabetes is challenging, but ThedaCare’s accredited program can decrease your overall healthcare costs and improve your quality of life.

ThedaCare Diabetes Team

If you've been diagnosed with diabetes, it means that your blood sugar levels are higher than normal. Although you may be feeling relatively fine, it is important to take your condition seriously.

Basic Information About Diabetes

When we eat, food is broken down into glucose (sugar) and transported throughout the body by the bloodstream. A hormone called insulin moves glucose from the bloodstream into cells within the body. If you have diabetes, your pancreas may have stopped making insulin, or your body may be unable to use the insulin it makes, resulting in higher blood glucose levels.

Learn about the different types of diabetes, risk factors, symptoms, and the health complications the disease can cause.
ThedaCare Services
It can be challenging to change your lifestyle and monitor your blood sugar levels. Our diabetes specialists support you every step of the way.
Taking Charge of Your Health
Diabetes care is all about patient education and empowerment. Learn how you can start improving your health today.