Diabetes Education

Feel more comfortable managing diabetes at home.

The ThedaCare team of diabetes experts, certified by the American Association of Diabetes Educators, want to make sure you have all the answers and support you need to feel more confident managing your diabetes care. Watch the short videos below as many times as you need to learn more about all aspects of self-care.

Do you have more questions after watching the videos? ThedaCare provides a variety of diabetes support groups and education programs to help you manage diabetes for life. See our current class schedule and enroll today. Or call ThedaCare Central Scheduling to schedule an appointment: 920-738-6521 option 1.

General Diabetes Facts

Get general facts about diabetes and how it is treated.

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Healthy Eating with Diabetes

Learn what, when and how much to eat when living with diabetes.

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Diabetes and Exercise

Discover the benefits of exercise and associated guidelines for diabetics.

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How to Check Blood Sugars with Blood Glucose Meter

Learn more about blood sugar goals and watch a demonstration on how check blood sugars with a glucose meter.

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Insulin Administration with Pen Device

Discover the best practices for administering insulin with a pen device.

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Insulin Administration with Syringe

Explore the best practices for administering insulin with a syringe.

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Managing High Blood Sugars

Find out what causes high blood sugars, along with symptoms and guidelines for managing your blood sugar levels.

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Learn about Hypoglycemia, as well as its causes, symptoms and key treatments.

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