Classes and Support Groups

Learning Together

Education is the most powerful tool you have to fight diabetes. Our educators can help you understand hormones and glucose levels, but talking with other diabetic patients can be just as helpful. We also invite your spouse or another close family member to attend all classes with you.

What Classes Are Like

Although you’ll hear from speakers in a traditional classroom setting, these two-hour sessions are more hands-on than a typical class. Professionals will help you learn more about diabetes management, and then you’ll spend time putting that knowledge into practice. Some of the topics covered in classes:

  • Testing and logging your blood sugar levels
  • Reading food labels
  • Meal planning
  • Eating wisely in a restaurant
  • Choosing foods high in fiber
  • Managing diabetes while traveling

In addition to learning the basics, you’ll benefit from tips and suggestions from other group members. You and your spouse will learn how other families are figuring out how to manage diabetes successfully.

Class Enrollment

You can enroll into The Diabetes Self Management Program once you have obtained a doctor referral. If you have a  doctor referral, please call Central Scheduling to make an appointment. Call (920) 738-6521 option 1.

Once registred for the class, please download the diabetes class questionnaire and quiz, fill it out and bring it to your first class.

Ongoing Opportunities

In addition to regular classes, ThedaCare patients who are diagnosed with prediabetes can participate in a 3-month exercise program through the YMCA. Advance registration is required.

Learn more about the prediabetes program 

Also, ThedaCare offers support groups that meet year round. Support groups and group therapy are beneficial for helping you maintain your perspective and preserve your optimism. You’ll experience relief at the discovery that you are not alone and learn to trust your abilities to better manage your diabetes. No registration is necessary to attend.

ThedaCare offers a variety of classes to help you take charge of your health. Search and register for available classes and upcoming events near you.