Wounds & Complications

Signs of Trouble

Diabetes puts you at greater risk for a number of health problems. As you work with your doctors and diabetes educators to control your blood sugar, they will also help you keep an eye on these other potential complications:

  • Wounds and skin problems
  • Foot problems
  • Heart and vascular problems 
  • Stroke 
  • Trouble with hearing or vision

You may develop sores or infections that require special cleaning and care. You may also have trouble with circulation or blood pressure. Or you may need assistance with proper foot care, such as toenail clipping. If you need support, your educator can find out about trained specialists who can come into your home and assist you.

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In addition to personal care, you may need supplies. You can find specialized footwear, socks, and bandages at our ThedaCare At Home stores.

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Getting a Referral

Diabetes care starts with a referral from your doctor. Don’t have a primary care doctor at ThedaCare? Find one now