Diabetes Education Costs

Please note our prices for the following services in Nutrition Therapy and Diabetes Education.  (The charge codes for each service are in parenthesis underneath the service.)

Individual Diabetes Self Management, Initial Visit                         $228.00 Per One-Hour Visit*
(G0108.02 Initial ½ Hour)
(G0108.01 Subsequent ½ Hours)

Individual Diabetes Self Management, Follow Up                          $114.00 Per 30 Minutes*
(G0108.02 Initial ½ Hour)
(G0108.01 Subsequent 1.2 Hours)

Group Diabetes Management – Four Two-Hour Class Sessions   $172.00 for Each Two-Hour Class*
(G0109.02 Diab Grp Self Mgmt Train $35.00--Initial ½ Hour
G0109.01 Diab Grp Self Mgmt Train w/Mod--$35.00 Subsequent ½ Hours)

Continuous Glucose Monitoring                                                     $429.00
(95250.01 Continuous Glucose Monitoring $429.00)

General Nutrition Therapy – One-on-One, Initial Visit                   $142.00 Per One-Hour Visit
(99211.07 Outpatient Nutrition Therapy)

General Nutrition Therapy – One-on-One, Follow Up                    $84.00 Per 30 Minutes
(99211.24 Outpatient Nutrition Therapy)

Medical Nutrition Therapy, Initial Visit                                            $192.00 Per 60 Minutes
(97802.01 Nutrition Therapy Initial)

Medical Nutrition Therapy, Follow Up                                             $110.00 Per 30 Minutes
(97803.01 Nutrition Therapy Reassess/15 Minutes)

Pre-Diabetes – Four One-Hour Class Sessions                             $100 For Complete Series
(7451100 Pre-Diabetes Class)

Medical Nutrition Therapy Group                                                    $44 Per 30 Minutes Each

Medical Nutrition Therapy Reassess                                              $44 Per 15 Minutes

*First Ten Hours of Diabetes Education Per Year