ThedaCare Services

Increased Care, Decreased Costs

You’ll most likely learn that you have diabetes during a visit with your primary care doctor. You’ll continue to monitor your blood sugar with the doctor who knows you best, but you’ll get better results if you also see a trained diabetes specialist.

ThedaCare’s Diabetes Education Program has been accredited by the American Diabetes Association since 1999. That means that certified dietitians and nurses are available to coach you through the many lifestyle changes that will keep your diabetes under control.

Because diabetes affects nearly every aspect of your health, specialized care will save you from additional health problems, dramatically decreasing your overall healthcare costs. That’s why your insurance company probably covers diabetes education.

You will need a referral from your primary care doctor to participate in the program. To schedule an appointment, call ThedaCare’s central scheduling number at (920) 738-6521 option 1.

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What Is the Program Like?

Whether you are newly diagnosed or have had diabetes for a long time, you can use this program to get help with diet and exercise, insulin and medication, and wounds and complications.

How It Pays Off

Attending classes and seeing specialists can seem like a big investment of your time, but when you learn to manage your diabetes better, the results can be surprising. More energy, fewer sick days, less medication—the benefits make every minute worth the effort.