Type 1 Diabetes

What Is Type 1 Diabetes?

Most commonly diagnosed in children and young adults, type 1 diabetes is sometimes referred to as "juvenile diabetes," but it may begin at any age. This disease occurs when the body stops making insulin.

Signs & Symptoms

The symptoms of type 1 diabetes may be subtle at first, but they often increase in severity. These are some of the warning signs:

  • Frequent urination
  • Extreme thirst or dry mouth
  • Extreme hunger, even after eating
  • Unusual weight loss
  • Feeling extremely weak and tired
  • Abdominal pain or nausea
  • Difficulty breathing

Our specialists can help you get type 1 diabetes under control through the right diet and medication. But a lack of treatment can result in serious threats to your health.

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Big Changes for the Whole Family

Type 1 diabetes is scary at first because it so often affects young people, many struggle with denial, or the feeling that "it’s just not fair." Family often feel overwhelmed by the life-threatening aspects of the disease. It is never easy to change your family’s diet or behavior. Rather than struggling on your own, let us help you find the education and support to make the transition easier.