FAQs Before Bariatric Webinar/Video

Frequently Asked Questions: Prior to Bariatric Webinar/Video

What is the difference between a Live Bariatric Webinar and a Bariatric Video?
  • Both the live and video webinar are designed as the first step in considering weight loss surgery and understanding your options without any commitments. The video webinar allows you to learn about the program’s services and specialists through a recorded video. The live bariatric webinar provides this learning by meeting a surgeon, having a Q&A session, and hearing about weight loss surgery journey from other program patients. 
What if I am unsure if bariatric surgery is right for me? 
  • Watch our 33 minute video webinar to get the basics you will need to start your weight loss journey. If you still have questions, register for our next live webinar to meet the surgeons and hear about the weight loss surgery journey from our program patients. 
Can I register for a live webinar if I already watched the video? 
  • Yes, you can register for more than one webinar.  You can also watch our video webinar as many times as needed.
Can I still watch the video if I’m signed up for the live webinar? 
  • Yes, some people find this helpful.  Please be aware that you will watch the video during the first portion of the live webinar.
How do I watch the video again without filing out the form again?
  • There will be a customized link to the video in the email confirmation you receive after providing your information. You can use that customized link to view the video again.
What if I want to watch the video but I don't want to give my information?
  • We ask for your information so that we can be ready for you to start the pathway to a successful weight loss. There are no requirements if you are not ready to provide this information.
What if I do not want to provide my medical and insurance information prior to attending live webinar? 
  • You do not have to provide this information; however, our team uses it to determine your insurance benefits. Without it, the team will not be able to guide you with your next steps to surgery or with insurance benefits.
Can I register the week of the live webinar? 
  • Yes, you can register the day of a webinar, but it will take 7 days for us to provide you with your insurance benefits and next steps for surgery.   
Is weight loss surgery a covered benefit by my insurance company?
  • This depends on your specific insurance policy. When you register for a webinar, we will gather you insurance information and verify benefits. This information will be provided to you in personalized coverage letter following the webinar. 
  • It is recommended that you call to your insurance company directly and ask if your policy covers weight loss surgery (CPT code 43644 and 43775). 
What if insurance tells me weight loss surgery is a direct exclusion?
  • This is means your policy does not provide weight loss surgery benefits, but you still have options! Following our webinar we will provide you a letter to help guide you through these options. 
If I have weight loss surgery benefits, when can I have surgery? 
  • Before scheduling surgery, your insurance must approve surgery through a prior authorization process. Prior authorization takes 4 to 8 months to obtain based on the insurance requirements and your availability. These specific requirements will be detailed in the personalized coverage letter. 
What is the personalized coverage letter?
  • This is your checklist to surgery! You will receive it following your webinar or within 7 days of our team receiving your insurance information.  The letter explains your insurance policy’s weight loss surgery benefits and the requirements to receive prior authorization. 
How do I activate a myThedaCare account and upload my insurance information?
  1. Go to www.mythedacare.org 
  2. Click the “sign up now” icon.  
  3. Enter the last 4 digits of your social security number and your date of birth.
  4. When logged in, hover over the “billing” icon and select insurance summary.  Click “add a coverage” to enter your card’s information and photo if possible. 
For additional assistance, call 920.720.7211 or email at bariatrics@thedacare.org.