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Weight loss isn’t easy. ThedaCare is your lifelong partner in living a healthier life.

Finding What’s Right for You

You may be comfortable talking with your family doctor about weight loss, but there are other ways to learn about the challenges of obesity.

If you are curious about bariatric weight loss surgery and whether or not it is a good option for you, watch our 33 minute video or come to a live webinar. You can complete the health history form in advance, but we’ll walk through it together and listen to your challenges, working to find the care path that is best for you.

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Emotional Support

Obesity is as much a psychological problem as a physical one. The ongoing struggles to control weight can trigger even greater emotional struggles—depression, loneliness, anxiety, the fear of being judged and criticized by society, and sexual dysfunction. ThedaCare’s Behavioral Health Services can play an important role in providing you with valuable emotional support. Through group therapy or one-on-one counseling, we can help you lose negative behaviors and negative thoughts, and establish positive lifestyle changes for good.

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Working With Your Insurance Company

Before you consider bariatric weight loss surgery, contact your insurance company to find out which procedures are covered. Here are the terms and codes to discuss:

  • Gastric bypass (43644)
  • Lap-Band surgery (43770)
  • Laproscopic sleeve (43775)

Even if bariatric surgery is a covered benefit, most insurance companies require that you’ve been on a restricted diet supervised by a doctor for an extended time. You’ll also need to go through an evaluation of your mental health.

Jumping through these hoops may seem daunting, but our staff has experience reviewing insurance policies and working with various insurance companies. Together we’ll try to anticipate and resolve any barriers.

We Offer Other Solutions

If you find the procedures are not covered by insurance we offer another possible solution. 

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