“This is the best thing that ever happened!”

I had been heavy all my life. It’s just the way it was. I wouldn’t go to the movies. I wouldn’t go out to eat. I tried diets before and I lost a lot of weight, but then gained it all back with interest. Finally, I said, “enough is enough.” I went to the bariatric surgery information session and listened. They were so thorough in preparing me for the entire process. Beyond the surgery itself, they made psychological and nutritional resources available too.

I used to take pills for high blood pressure and cholesterol. That’s all gone. I don’t take any medications anymore. I mean, I lost 335 pounds!

Now, I love to play pickle ball! I love going for walks, and I’m a rollercoaster junkie too! I’m up for anything now! I think the mindset is the biggest hurdle. Every day is a challenge, but it’s worth it.