Making a Birth Plan

Personalize Your Birth Experience
Every woman wants to bring her baby into the world safely, confidently, and comfortably. Developing a birth plan ensures that you have the birth experience you want, by outlining your preferences around pain management, environment, comfort measures and positions, and delivery.

Creating Your Birth Plan
Reviewing information about birth gives you a chance to consider your options and share them with us as you prepare to welcome your newborn. You and your baby are unique. We do promise to give you the best birth experience possible and keep you and your baby safe.

Support Person: The role of the support person will be to provide you with the emotional and physical help on this special day. Collaborate with your support person how they can best care for you.

Environment: You may want to create an environment of calm and quiet for your labor and during birth. Find things that help you relax; music, massage, breathing techniques and limiting distractions, which includes turning off phones and discouraging visitors at this time. Take this time to care for yourself and bond with your support person in this amazing process of childbirth.

Labor Support/Pain Management Approach: By describing your preferences for controlling pain, your nurse will be able to assist you with accomplishing your goals. Nurses can support you with a variety of non-medication options, such as relaxation, breathing, massage, movement and water therapy. Pain medication options, i.e. IV medications and epidurals, can also be reviewed by your nurse as you make pain management decisions.

Position/Comfort Measures: Position changes as well as movement can benefit labor. Options may include: walking, squatting, tub or shower, birthing ball, pelvic rocking, or any position that provides you comfort. You may be asked to assume position to benefit you or your baby’s health.

Delivery of Your Baby: Please let us know your preferences during delivery and immediately after birth. For example: Would you like a mirror to view the birth? Would your support person like to cut the umbilical cord?

After Delivery: We encourage skin-to-skin contact immediately after delivery as this helps baby transition to their new world. Skin to skin will help your baby stabilize their temperature, regulate their breathing pattern, and increases their success with breastfeeding. Mothers also benefit from skin to skin by having less pain, less bleeding and benefit from bonding with baby.

Our nursing team will support and educate you and your family on newborn care. Mother, baby and significant other will share the same room during your stay. You will get to know your baby, learn your baby’s cues and gain confidence in your parenting skills.

Feeding Baby: Whether you plan to breastfeed or bottle feed your baby, we have trained staff, (including lactation consultants), to support you in your feeding choice.

Please share any information of special circumstances that could help us best care for you, your baby or your family.

Have you selected a doctor for your baby? You will need to this before delivery. You may choose a family physician or a pediatrician. If you need help in choosing a doctor for your baby, please refer to our website,, or call ThedaCare on Call™ at 920.830.6877 or 800.236.2236.

You and your doctor will work together to create a birth plan that meets your needs and wishes. Your birth plan will be shared with your labor and delivery nurse, too. We’ll make every attempt to follow your birth plan, unless medical needs dictate otherwise.