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Pregnancy and Birth TC Services

A Birth Experience to Remember

You’ll never forget the moment you meet your new little one. From luxurious birthing suites to exceptional, personalized care, ThedaCare’s birthing centers and staff make sure your journey to motherhood is a beautiful, memorable experience.

ThedaCare Services

Pregnancy can be a wonderful time in a woman’s life, but it can be hard work, too. ThedaCare provides you with resources so you get the care, comfort, and education you need throughout your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Care

Our doctors and nurses have the expertise and experience to guide you through pregnancy from start to finish. Learn about the providers you and your baby may receive care from.

Labor and Delivery

After nine exciting months, your little one is finally on the way! Find out what to expect when your big day arrives.

Birth Centers

Welcome your baby into the world in a soothing, calm, comfortable setting where you can celebrate with all your loved ones.

Breastfeeding Help

Find out about the resources we offer to help you with breastfeeding, both before and after your baby arrives.