Labor and Delivery


Your Big Day Is Finally Here!

After nine months of excited anticipation, it’s time to bring your little one into the world. Prepare for your big day by knowing what to expect.

Arriving at Family Birth Care

When you arrive at family birth care you’ll first need to check-in and register. Your doctor will tell you what to do ahead of time, so you’ll know exactly where to go, no matter what time of day it is.

After you’re registered, you’ll be taken to your birthing suite. Your labor and delivery nurse will introduce herself—she will likely be with you throughout the entire process, although you may have a different nurse at times, too.

Giving Birth

As you experience labor, your nurse will be there to help with pain management and get you anything you need, as outlined in your birth plan. Spouses and other partners can also be in the birthing suite with you to offer comfort and support.

Your doctor will check in with you during labor to see how you’re progressing. When the baby is ready, you’ll deliver right in your birthing suite, unless you’re having a Cesarean section (C-section). In these instances, you’ll be taken to a separate room that is equipped and ready for surgery. Your care team will keep you updated and prepared as your labor unfolds.

We encourage you to choose a support team for your labor and delivery. Please review with your doctor any hospital restrictions. If you wish to have your child witness a sibling’s birth, you’ll need to invite a caregiver in addition to your partner or support person. Please discuss this option with your doctor and nursing staff.

Your First Precious Moments

Your new bundle of joy is finally here! After your baby is born, we make sure he or she is with you as much as possible, so you can start bonding right away. Your baby can stay in your room with you for the remainder of your time in the hospital, or you can choose to have him or her stay in the nursery, if you’d prefer.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), a healthy newborn should be placed and stay in direct skin-to-skin contact with you immediately after delivery and until the first feeding is accomplished. The best start for breast feeding is during this time. Skin-to-skin has proven to help regulate your newborn’s temperature, blood sugar, and heart rate. All unnecessary interventions (weights & measures, medications, etc.) will take place after this important time.

Our birthing suites provide sleeping accommodations for your partner, so you can spend your baby’s first days together. Your doctors and nurses are able to give care right in your room, too. Your doctor or a pediatrician will examine your baby, and your bedside nurse will show you how to bathe your baby. Your nurse will also provide you with lactation support, education, and available breastfeeding resources.

ThedaCare also performs all necessary screenings and tests of your newborn.

Learn more about lactation support and resources

During your stay we encourage you to rest and take frequent naps to ensure that you will have the energy you need to care for your newborn when you return home.