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ThedaCare Sleep Services

In a lab that feels more like a comfortable hotel room than a hospital examination room, specialists will help you find solutions to your sleep problems.

Finding Sleep Solutions

If you’re having trouble sleeping, talk with your primary care doctor to find out if you’re a candidate for a sleep study. Your doctor can refer you to one of the sleep specialists at Fox Valley Pulmonary Medicine. There, a sleep expert will help you understand the benefits of a sleep study.

How a Sleep Study Works

A sleep study is just what it sounds like: professionals will use equipment to study the way you sleep. You’ll sleep in a private room that allows for observation and recording. Technicians will measure your brain waves, breathing, blood oxygen level, and eye and muscle movement.

If you feel intimidated by a sleep study, ask to tour the facilities beforehand. You’ll see that it is a warm and friendly environment. The staff is fully trained to achieve the best clinical outcomes, working closely with you to provide education and get you the best sleep possible.

What Kind of Help Will I Get?

After your sleep study, you’ll return to your sleep specialist for a diagnosis and treatment. Together, you’ll talk about the results of your study and your care plan going forward.

Your doctor may recommend medication or special equipment. You may need to order a machine with a mask that helps you sleep better. If chronic pain, anxious thoughts, stress or depression are interfering with your ability to sleep, your doctor may also suggest that you seek additional support from the ThedaCare Behavioral Health staff. They’ll help you address and overcome any mental and emotional hurdles that might be preventing you from getting your best sleep.

Whatever the case, your specialist will assist you in finding the solutions that help you get comfortable, restful sleep. You can get ongoing help with your sleep equipment from the staff at our ThedaCare At Home locations. The benefits of healthy sleep can change your life. Many patients not only feel more rested, but also lose weight, have lower blood pressure, and feel more energetic.