Safety & Mobility

Staying Safe and Independent
After a stroke, it can be difficult to adjust to new limits on your ability to get around, or to complete even simple daily tasks. When your goal is to live as securely and independently as possible, the right product or service can make all the difference.

ThedaCare offers many resources to meet your changing health needs throughout your recovery:

Our skilled therapists can help you regain speech, improve your balance to reduce falls, and increase strength and flexibility to help you resume daily living activities.

Medical Equipment and Supplies
Canes, walkers, scooters, and wheelchairs can help you move with greater ease and stability. Receive personalized assistance from certified medical equipment specialists, including fittings, product adjustments, and training.

Skilled Care in Your Home
Get the temporary or ongoing care you need to remain in your home and out of the hospital. Healthcare, including medication monitoring, is provided by registered nurses, while certified nursing assistants (CNAs) provide personal care services, such as dressing and bathing.

Home Safety Assessment
Not sure what kind of help you need? Ask a professional to recommend exactly which products and services will help you stay in your home more easily and safely.