Getting Stronger After Stroke

Recovering from a stroke is hard work. It can be discouraging to discover that even simple daily tasks are now difficult challenges. Your ThedaCare physicians and therapists will help you regain as many functions as possible. Together you’ll discuss options, finding a care plan that suits your individual needs.

Types of Rehabilitation

A stroke can affect your mind and body in many ways. Several different types of therapy may be recommended, depending on the nature and severity of your stroke. Highly trained therapists can help you with balance, movement, speaking skills, daily living activities, and techniques for regaining strength and flexibility.

Working hard at therapy is the best way to improve your outcomes after a stroke. Your rehabilitation plan will be customized to your needs, but most therapy falls into four general categories:

Physical therapy is treatment that deals with limitations on your ability to move or perform physical activities. Your physical therapists will work with you to help you move better, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability. They’ll focus on helping you do things such as walking across the room or getting out of bed.

Occupational therapy is similar to physical therapy, but you’ll focus on learning to perform daily activities. Your occupational therapists will work with you on tasks such as bathing, shaving, and making dinner for yourself. They may also help with vision training.

Speech therapy will address any language problems you may have after a stroke. Your speech therapists can evaluate and treat a variety of speech, language, cognitive, voice, swallowing, and communication disorders. They’ll work with you to help you speak more effectively and compensate for memory problems.

Emotional therapy will help you cope with the difficult emotions that a stroke causes. Personality changes, depression, fears over sexuality and intimacy can all be addressed through professional counseling. Your behavioral health specialist will work with you to help you and your family balance hope, acceptance and encouragement.

All of your therapists want to help you become more independent and have more satisfaction in life. If you follow their advice and stay committed to the exercises they give you, your chances of recovery and improvement are much higher.

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Outpatient and Inpatient Options

After your stroke, a rehabilitation physician will help assess what kind of setting will best support your recovery. Stroke survivors and family members are often eager to "just go home," but your care team will help you plan for a safe transition.

The Primary Stroke Center at Theda Clark Medical Center offers full-service inpatient rehabilitation. If you stay there for part of your rehabilitation, you’ll spend three to four hours each day on therapy. Specialists will help you prepare for what things will be like on your own.

After your time in the hospital, you may decide to continue recovery at a nursing home or assisted living facility. Physicians can talk with you and your family members about the level of care you’ll need. Together, you can assess the living arrangement that will work best during rehabilitation.

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If you transition to your home or another setting, you can continue with outpatient rehabilitation, either through Theda Clark or at a clinic closer to home. Whether you prefer the familiarity of the Primary Stroke Center or the convenience of a local location, outpatient rehabilitation will keep working to restore as many of your abilities as possible.

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Continuing Care at Home

ThedaCare can help you get skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and other healthcare services in your home. Our local care teams provide both short-term and ongoing services. You can also request a home safety assessment to learn about equipment and services that will keep you safe and independent.

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