“They moved mountains to make sure it would work to do the procedure here.” - Connie

I figured being out of breath was just a result of being out of shape. I wasn’t too worried, but I thought I should see a doctor anyway. I’m glad I did: it might have saved my life. An ultrasound revealed a mass the size of a baseball on my aorta. To become that large, doctors think the mass was likely slow growing and might have been there for a while. Once we found it, they removed it two days later. The mass could have been fatal, and no one would have known until it was too late.

I like the idea of having this level of care and expertise at my fingertips. If I didn’t have the procedure here at ThedaCare, I would’ve had to go dozens of miles away. I didn’t feel like I needed another opinion. Everyone made me feel at ease, comfortable and confident. The doctors have always been phenomenal. And the nurses and staff are so friendly and caring and are truly interested in helping you get better.