“I have yet to meet a doctor or nurse here that doesn’t care about me as an individual.” - Denise Hajos

One day, I felt like I was having heartburn—something I’d become accustomed to—but this time it didn’t go away. At the hospital, the doctor said, “You’ve got a problem.” My enzyme levels were double what they should be, indicating I could have a heart attack. I also had three blockages. I am a healthy, active person, but I do have a family history of heart issues. Still, it was all very frightening.

A couple of weeks after quadruple bypass surgery, something clicked. I didn’t want to just get better, so I got serious about rehab. When I showed up, I was there to really work out. In fact, one day my husband and I were taking a walk, and I just started running! It felt like the right thing to do. I love life too much to give in to a health setback.

There’s not one person in heart care that I don’t trust. Sometimes I go in for my follow-up appointments, even though I’m not exactly sure what needs to be checked. That’s how much I trust them. Nothing feels overwhelming.