“I have been most pleased with everybody…I didn’t think a small town like Shawano would be able to have facilities like this, but it’s not the facilities, it’s the people. I have made friends, and everyone has treated me well.” - George Buerman

I wasn’t breathing right so I decided to visit a clinic to see what could be the problem. Within minutes I was on the floor. Doctors were listening to my heart. The roars of the ambulance sirens were getting closer and closer. I stared up at the heavens with fixed eyes upon me; I refused to go out like this.

The good news was I didn’t have a heart attack. The better news was it was prevented because of ThedaCare. Six weeks after having a hard time breathing, I got a triple bypass surgery.

Today, I’m going through cardiac rehab at the hospital, but as I strengthen my heart, I’m also building relationships with the staff, doctors and other patients who are invigorating my mind and spirit. That’s a hospital experience you just can’t find in a lot of other towns, cities or even states.