Life is worth living to its fullest each day.” - Mary Navin

I felt a thud in my chest, and everything started going black. “Can’t breathe—come fast!” Those we’re the four words I somehow managed to speak when I called 911. I had a pulmonary embolism with cardiac arrest. The CPR performed on me was so aggressive, it dislodged the embolism and helped save my life. I remember someone saying, “Stay with me, we can do this.” Well, I tracked down the two EMTs who helped save me and told them “thank you.” They say it’s just part of their job. But I am so grateful—to be alive, that events happened just as they did, and for the incredible people who helped save my life.

“Mary has been very thankful to our staff. She visits monthly on the 25th, her second birthdate, to bring us treats and remind us how grateful she is to have us here.” - Kelly Schmude, RN, Emergency Department supervisor