MitraClip Procedure

When open-heart surgery isn’t an option, ask about MitraClip.

Even if your doctor has determined open-heart surgery is not an option to treat mitral regurgitation, also known as leaky valve, you might be eligible for the MitraClip procedure. 

Transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair (TMVr) using MitraClip is a less-invasive treatment option for patients who are not eligible for surgical treatment due to age, advanced heart failure or other serious medical conditions. 

MitraClip can help improve your heart’s function and quality of life, while minimizing your symptoms associated with mitral regurgitation. 
   • Increase your energy for daily activities
   • Improve your appetite
   • Minimize dry, hacking coughs
   • Improve breathing
   • Reduce the frequency of fainting
   • Reduce the accumulation of fluid in your feet, ankles and lungs

Talk to your ThedaCare primary care doctor for more information or to find out if you are eligible for the MitraClip procedure.