The Flu is Never in the Plans

Don’t let influenza be an uninvited guest. Schedule a flu shot with your ThedaCare provider today.

Smiley face As the weather gets cooler, fall is not the only season on its way. Influenza season also begins as people spend more time inside, making it easier for the virus to spread. To stay healthy, people need to get vaccinated against influenza, a serious respiratory disease.

Flu shots are now available and the best time to get one is from now until Thanksgiving. A flu vaccine is the best way to prevent in your quest to stay healthy this flu season.

Our physicians offer great information regarding the flu Smiley face People have several misconceptions regarding the flu, and most people do not realize how serious the flu can be. Debunk five common myths about the flu and getting vaccinated in this article from three ThedaCare providers.

Getting the flu vaccine can help you stay healthier this winter, according to ThedaCare physician P. Michael Shattuck, MD.